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Skinny Tan

Skinny Tan started as a true home grown tanning brand created by real women for real women from the passion to make a range of tanning products that could be enjoyed by every shape, size and skin type.  Skinny Tan credits its phenomenal success to the wonderful customers who have enjoyed their tanners and shared the experience. 

The Story.

 As Seen on Dragons Den UK with their record breaking pitch Kate and Louise had spent years disappointed by orange tans and didn't like most fake tans smell.   So they decided to make their own tanner and attempt to solve their issues with tanning.

First and foremost the Skinny Tan colour had to be indistinguishable from a real tan.  And as Louise was not good at applying tan Skinny Tan had to be fool-proof  and streak-free without so much as a hint of orange. 

But that's not all ... 

Also having just had children Louise was very conscious of the number of harsh chemicals she felt were used in everyday life.  She wanted the 'Skinny' in Skinny tan to be represented by a skin kind 'skinny' ingredients list with as far as possible more naturally derived ingredients with some Skinny Tan products being made from as much as 99% naturally derived ingredients. 

There was no question that Skinny Tan would have to be paraben-free, sulfate-free not tested on animals and suitable for Vegans.   

And it is the passion to really make a tanner for themselves that lead to its success.  It makes sense.  Because when they made their dream-tanner it turned out to be a tanner that thousands of other women had been dreaming of too. 

Thanks for loving Skinny Tan as much as we do and helping us spread the word!  

Happy tanning 

Full Body Spray Tan  £35
Top Half   £25
Legs     £20
3 x Full Body package  £90

Full Body Application £48

This spa tanning application starts with a full body exfoliation and removal with hot mitts followed by your Skinny Tan mouse in the shade you choose.. a long lasting natural glow develops over 2-7 hours depending on depth of colour needed




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